Let’s go through the Customer Journey! (Part 2)

Let’s go through the Customer Journey!  (Part 2)

In the first part of the customer journey, we went through the first three steps of the customer journey, which were Trial, Onboarding and Adoption. In this post, let's see how to care for your customers in the later stages of their journey.

Step 4: Renewal

The onboarding went successfully, the customer is now getting used to your product and the support requests are hopefully coming less and less often. Some customers actually still have questions but they are too busy or don’t want to disturb the customer support people. It is important to keep an eye on the satisfaction level of your customers. Is your product still solving their needs? Would they recommend the product to their friends? You can find answers to those questions by doing regular surveys. Depending on your industry and how many customers you have, you can run them every 2 or 3 months. Once again, Hubspot is a great tool to send mass emails and you can use Google Forms for free to create and personalize your surveys. Another tool is Survey Monkey which provides free, customizable surveys and various paid options to analyse your data easily.

Step 5: Loyalty and upsell

I remember having received an email from my account manager in Zendesk inviting me to a free webinar to present their premium membership. I knew that this was too early for me to purchase it but I was happy to attend just to see. The fact that I could ask all the questions I had, that nobody was pressuring me, was really positive and is what could influence me to purchase the upgrade in the future. Make the customer feel unique and feel valued and they will buy more of your products, stay longer and recommend it to friends.

In all the steps of the customer journey (Trial, Onboarding, Adoption, Renewal, Loyalty), the key is to listen to your customers and keep an open communication with them. There are thousand ways to do that but the main ones are emails, calls, face to face meetings, self-help platforms, webinars… It is up to you to use one or many tools at a time. If a customer is not satisfied, being in touch with him is the best way to know what the problems are and how to improve your product or service.

The relationship you create with your customers is what will determine how your business will grow in the future, so make sure to start building your Customer Success Team now!

I am passionate about human psychology and health and I am thrilled to share the experience and knowledge I've aquired working as a CSM. Day after day, I could see how much the great relations I had with customers were bringing me and how it was helping the business I was growing with. If you are also interested in those topics, don't hesitate to get in touch with me!