Integration of the Customer Success role with Marketing and Sales

Integration of the Customer Success role with Marketing and Sales

Keeping communication open is essential not only with customers but also within the company’s departments. In this article, I will discuss the common issues when it comes to communicate about customers with Sales and Marketing.

Clear communication with Sales

Sales people are the first to be in contact with the customers. To facilitate the Customer Success Manager’s (CSM) work they need to find some key information and communicate it correctly to the CSM. The main thing to figure out is: What are the prospect’s needs? It is essential that the Sales person understands it to close the deal. But this will also help the CSM to know what to focus on and how to exceed customer’s expectations. One of the best tools I was using as a CSM was Pipedrive. This cloud-based software is meant for Sales to track the progression of a deal. However, as a CSM I was also involved in the pipeline and I was making sure the trial and the onboarding are going well. The strength of this kind of tool is that each person involved with the prospect’s progression can write notes and assign tasks and reminders. This way all the information is in one place and any new person wanting to learn about the prospect can easily find all he/she needs. Pipedrive was our solution but of course, you can find other ways to record information about customers like CRM softwares, Google drive files... It all depends on your budget but the most important thing is that everything is in one place and is easily accessible to everyone.

Combination of Marketing Efforts

The CSM is the closest contact for customers in a company. He/she brings all the knowledge acquired through the customers and gives it to Marketing people, who in turn, create targeted and efficient online campaigns. As a CSM, I was also creating marketing campaigns for existing customers and informing them about new products, features in a monthly newsletter. I worked with marketing on elaborating a list of questions to ask customers in order to create more efficient campaigns and social media posts. For example, I was trying to understand what they struggle with in their daily business. Thanks to the testimonials I gathered, we have created detailed case studies for our website and built leaflets for Exhibitions and Shows. It is very important that CSM and Marketing Managers communicate on a regular basis because CSM have a better understanding of the product and features, and asking their opinion can help to avoid mistakes or contradictions in the marketing material.

To conclude, the CSM role as any other role in a company needs to be integrated to the different departments. Working together and exchanging information with Sales and Marketing people helps everybody to better adapt to customer’s need and in the long run, it keeps them as loyal promoters of the company’s products and services.

I am passionate about human psychology and health and I am thrilled to share the experience and knowledge I've aquired working as a CSM. Day after day, I could see how much the great relations I had with customers were bringing me and how it was helping the business I was growing with. If you are also interested in those topics, don't hesitate to get in touch with me!