Best Practices to Automate Customer Support

Best Practices to Automate Customer Support

In this article I want to give you some tips about how to save time for the Customer Support team when dealing with customers.

An effective welcome email series

A welcome series of emails is the most important tool to present your brand. Whether it is for trial users or for onboarding new customers, this is the opportunity to give leads and customers more information about your company values, your products. It can be entirely automated. If you get the chance, subscribe to Hubspot newsletter, they are great at it.

When creating this, the emails have to present your company and be timely. Try to test different sending times and frequencies to see when are the highest opening rates. Also use those emails as an opportunity to present the Help Center (I will talk about this in more details below).

Automated reply to customer query

The essential email is the email acknowledging that the customer’s request has been received. This is easy to automate, but don’t forget to write precisely how the customer can contact you if he needs to add more details to the query and when he can expect a reply. The best customer support teams would usually reply within 24 hours.

A pool of standard replies

Customer queries are usually about the same subjects: general questions about how to use the product, notification about a bug preventing the use of the product, questions about administration of their account, customer complaint…. In all those categories, it is easy to draft a 5-10 lines email script. However, be aware not to sound like a robot. The script is just a guideline, so always add a human, friendly touch to the replies. Also, when reading the customer’s request ask yourself: What was the customer’s mood as he wrote this?
Using those scripts your customer service agents can reply faster but still keep a customised approach to each customer’s request.

Automated emails about defects

As soon as you notice a defect in the product, especially if this might prevent the customer from using your product, send an email to all your customers. It is important to inform them about what is the defect and when it will be solved. Here, you can also use a script and apply it to every issue. Being proactive rather than waiting for customers to come with complaints will save everybody time and will demonstrate reliability on your side.

Help Customers to help themselves

Finally, the crucial tool before even creating any automation is the Help Center. In order to reduce the amount of similar queries (typically the “how to” questions), educate the customer as soon as possible to use the Help Center. Some customers might still prefer to write you in person, but try to always reply with links to the help center and advise them to click on those to find answers to their questions. Make sure the Help Center Button is easy to find on the company’s website and add it to each support agent’s email signature.

With those 5 techniques, you should save your company’s agents plenty of time. But always keep in mind that people don’t like receiving standard emails, they like to feel unique. So whether preparing email scripts or series of emails, always add a friendly and human tone. Finally, even though you use email automation, adding in your correspondence easy ways for customers to contact you in person (telephone number, personal email address of an account manager) will always make a difference and reassure the customer.

I am passionate about human psychology and health and I am thrilled to share the experience and knowledge I've aquired working as a CSM. Day after day, I could see how much the great relations I had with customers were bringing me and how it was helping the business I was growing with. If you are also interested in those topics, don't hesitate to get in touch with me!